Matilda the Hun was a star on the 80’s iconic television show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), about a professional female wrestling promotion, that aired on television from 1986-1990.  GLOW featured powerful women in different shapes, sizes and nationalities in ways that were beautiful, feminine, strong, smart and funny.  Matilda the Hun first used her stage name “Queen Kong” while skating roller derby.  After GLOW she wrestled as Queen Kong in POWW (Powerful Women of Wrestling).  She has been featured in many film, television, music and magazine productions.

She has been featured on many game shows and was a co-host on The Gong Show.  She was recently in a movie called “The Dog Wedding” as Elaine “Queen Kong” Pierce, mother of a professional wrestler.  She was also featured in the documentary GLOW:  The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling which chronicles the 1980’s sensation “The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.”

The video from her hit single, “(I Eat) Raw Meat”, was frequently played for many years on KNBC-TV4 by Los Angeles sportscaster Fred Rogin.

Queen Kong delivered physical singing telegram “Slam-A-Grams”, where she would body slam and wrestle the guest of honor at a parties and events. Due to injuries over the years from many years of stunts, wrestling and roller derby, she no longer delivers “Slam-A-Grams.”

Queen Kong is a powerful Glamazon Warrior who has lived a life of Glitter, Guts and Glory.  She has had her hand in many ventures throughout her career.  From Roller derby, to film and television, to mud wrestling, to wrestling as Matilda the Hun in GLOW, and to even creating the very first telephone sex business in the world, Queen Kong has dominated them all. offers you photos, videos, articles, merchandise, and news about Queen Kong, also known as Matilda the Hun of GLOW.  We welcome you to take this journey from the fabulous hippie 60’s, the fetish 70’s, to the pro wrestling and acting 80’s, through the internet 90s, all the way up until today.  This site is for her fans and followers of female power!