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  • The mighty American wrestler Queen Kong challenges David Sullivan’s English glamour girls to a mud fight. This is a classic film that show Queenie’s fantastic fighting abilities in Jolly Old England. There is a excellent fight of 2 other American mudders from the States against 2 ditzie British Babes and great audience interaction as only the Kongstress can deliver. Also features “Shelly the Burbank Bomber” the greatest mudstress Queenie has ever traveled the world with!

  • This tape is 2 hours long- It features all the original mud girls from the ladies of the 80’s of all sizes. You will see the entire original classic mud show in every aspect; the dancing before the show, the kissing of the guys in the audience, then the 3 matches. There were two lightweight gorgeous foxy girl matches and then Queen versus the Mighty Doug Franz. In fact, the entire Rams Football team was there that night. Doug was elected the NFL defensive tackle of the year that year. He was a mighty powerful and handsome man. He gave the Queen the most Titanic Tough Struggle of her career in public mud match’s. There were over 600 people in the audience and it was an outrageous, unbelievably exciting time. You will never see the likes of this time period captured so well! A slice of the original Mud sport that may never be duplicated!

  • Queen Kong and 20 additional girls put on a spectacular show including all of the alternative forms female wrestling; Mud Wrestling, Oils Wrestling, Whip Crème Wrestling. We trained for several weeks this gang of gorgeous Gladiatresses. At the Sands Hotel before its demolition. Featuring Glow girls Hollywood & Lightning, original and new mud girls. Including Queen Kong and Big Bad Mama from Glow. With 3 pits in the center of the huge ballroom each had its fights planned for raucous bitch fighting in the different mediums. 2 hours of wickedly provocative women dancing for tips. and erect attention from a mostly male audience. The fights are good, non stop action. The quality is decent, not great. The show is a great part of mud history. I haven’t done a mud show since then.

  • Queen in her gorgeous young Amazon beauty and Strength Was challenged by a big Elvis Impersonator, named Mark, at a Big Orange county nightclub. Queen triumphed with her dominant physical strength and super moves- capturing Mark in a few delicious head scissors and smothering. Great audience interaction. . Two of the really great original mud girls, Cindy “Sweet Savage” and Pam aka “Alice in Mudland” fought against a male exotic dancer. These 2 gorgeous small Amazons fought hard against their male opponent. Then there was another mixed match with 2 more original mud super women; Galaxina and Kim the Kick ass Cowgirl, real sisters in life. You will never see more spectacular action than these mixed matches. This is classic Oil wrestling at its finest and the quality of the copy is good

  • My 2nd starring role in Britain. I sing my original hit rock song “I Eat Raw Meat” for this film. I challenged the male Mediterranean boxing champ and knocked him out! Queen knows how to land a punch! Pam Ward Vs Vicki Scot and Terry Vs Xena, both great bouts with oversized gloves and head gear. Very revealing costumes! Good quality.

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