Cult Radio a Go Go Interview with Matilda the Hun — November 4, 2017 

Cult Radio a Go Go Interview Matilda the HunJoin us as we chat with our guest Dee Booher, known by her stage names Queen Kong and Matilda the Hun from the original GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). This show is copyright 2017 DuFoe Entertainment and the live interviews contained in this show may not be reproduced, transcribed or posted to a blog, social network or website without written permission from DuFoe Entertainment.



The Real GLOW: 10 of the Most Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling From the Original Series (PHOTOS) — June 26, 2017 

10 of the Most Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling The Real GLOW: 10 of the Most Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling From the Original Series (PHOTOS)

Matilda the Hun– Real name: Dee Booher. Signature Move: Mt. Fiji’s most frequent opponent nearly matched her in size and definitely towered over her in vocal power. When Matilda wasn’t screaming, she was flooring other girls with a backbreaker (dropping the other fighter onto your knee in a manner that bends their spine) or a big splash (belly flopping onto a prone opponent).


The real ’80s GLOW — June 21, 2017 

The Lily: GLOWThe Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have endured kicks to the head, knees to the groin, body-slams, insults, rivalries, ridicule and spangly neon unitards.
Their old TV show, “GLOW,” was huge in the 1980s. The women sang, danced, did sketch comedy and flung each other around a ring. And now, “Orange Is the New Black” creator Jenji Kohan is bringing it back as a half-hour scripted comedy called with the same name.



This ’80s female wrestling league was dangerous and sexist — and the best job of their lives– June 20, 2017 

GLOW 80s female wrestlingThe new “GLOW” is a fictionalized version of how the old “GLOW” came to be. None of the original women are in it. Nor — with one exception — were they consulted — a fact that doesn’t exactly sit well. When asked about it, former wrestler Tracee Meltzer — whose character on the old show was Park Avenue princess Roxy Astor — rolls her eyes. “Some are happy. Some are sad. Some girls you can’t even bring it up to,” she says.


Before the Netflix Series, Whet Your Whistle with “G.L.O.W.,” the Documentary– June 20, 2017 

Mt. Fiji in GLOW about to slamOpportunities for female wrestlers were limited at the time. One of the show’s few experienced wrestlers, whose stage name was Matilda the Hun, had once been forbidden by a state’s gaming commission to wrestle men; she was, however, allowed to wrestle a bear, which she did.


‘GLOW’: Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s 1980s Lady-Wrestler Show — June 19, 2017 

RollingStone: GLOWFrom the real-life league that inspired it to why this could be the next must-binge hit – the lowdown on Alison Brie’s get-in-the-ring dramedy.  During the 1980s pro wrestling boom, television was overrun with musclebound men in colorful tights, slamming each other to the canvas in arenas across the country.



The Creator of the Original GLOW on Why He Wanted to Put Women Wrestlers on TV — July 24, 2017

Vulture: Why GLOW creator wanted women wrestlers on TVWe had a booth there [where we] built a ring. We took down Tammy Jones, Americana, Matilda the Hun, and Hollywood, and put them in the ring. It was wild. Geraldo Rivera, the Saved by the Bell crew — we had every celebrity in there and meeting the GLOW girls at the NATPE show. We were successful in NATPE at closing 30-plus stations. They literally went into a room and signed the contract right then for the show.



Smartasses Radio: Matilda The Hun – Johnny Video — February 24, 2014

Smartasses Radio: Matilda the HunSmartasses Radio! With your host, the creator of Smartasses Magazine, voice actor Johnny Video!

On this episode, we interview, from GLOW, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, it’s Dee “Matilda The Hun” Booher, AKA Queen Kong!



The Woman Who Invented Phone Sex and Wrestled Bears — November 28, 2012

Vice Radio: Dee BooherDeanna Booher told me she also worked as a dominatrix and acted with Jim Carrey.

Deanna Booher has lived – I reckon – a good five lives and had just as many aliases. Queen Adrena, Juicy Joy, Matilda The Hun and Queen Kong are just some of the names she’s gone under for her various guises. She’s been arrested and jailed, she’s wrestled a seven-foot grizzly bear and she’s strutted about in an Aerosmith video with a dwarf on her shoulders.