GLOW – The Best of Matilda the Hun

Matilda the Hun from Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Real name: Dee Booher. Signature Move: Mt. Fiji’s most frequent opponent nearly matched her in size and definitely towered over her in vocal power. When Matilda wasn’t screaming, she was flooring other girls with a backbreaker or a big splash.

Mt. Fiji vs. Matilda The Hun (Lumberjack Match) (Part 1)

6’3″ Matilda the Hun with fiery red hair, leopard skins, lace stockings and bad to the bone. The highlight of this clip is when giants Mt. Fiji and Matilda the Hun meet in a “Lumberjack Match.”

Mt. Fiji vs. Matilda The Hun (Lumberjack Match) (Part 2

The Lumberjack Match continued. The crowd and all the GLOW girls are going wild watching the titans compete. Fiji matches blow for blow and Matilda does whatever it takes to take down her enormous opponent.

Tammy Jones & Scarlett vs. Matilda The Hun

The German bad girl Matilda the Hun takes on 125 pound Tammy Jones with pony tails and tappy feet. Southern Belle tries to help out and Matilda takes them both on.

POWW Wrestling: Paisley vs. Queen Kong

Queen Kong of the Amazon comes out singing her theme song. Queen Kong takes on Paisley and dominates.

Queen Kong in Deathstalker 2

Queen Kong and the bachelor, a little man about half her size, fight to the death in Deathstalker2.